Custom Software Development

we understand that many organisations are in a constant state of rapid evolution. This brings about a mandate to effectively balance between day-to-day operations and the ability to rapidly transform and respond to new business opportunities and challenges.

We develop solutions that meet the most challenging business related problems. We ensure that we produce the right software application results and desired outcomes by comprehending your needs and then aligning those needs with the relevant outcomes; we then guarantee that we deliver these outcomes.

Our software services is a process of continual transformation. This makes it unique in its outcome as it delivers:
• Quality and Adaptability
• Continuity of service and Improved responsiveness
• Lower costs and predictability
• Managed outcomes
• Guaranteed outputs
• Lower risk and cost
• Continuous transformation
• A hybrid delivery model that reduces cost

Online eLearning Solutions

We has a proven track record of delivering end to end elearning solutions. Whether it is a question of integrating solution to your existing systems or development of stand-alone system built to suit your business needs, Synotive can provide you with tailor made solutions for your eLearning needs.

eLearning has huge benefits to both learners and businesses including
• Reduced cost to deliver content
• Consistent branding and user experience
• Proof of completion and certification
• Lower environment impact
• On demand access
• Reduced learning times
• Faster content delivery

Interactive eLearning Experiences

Before the eLearning Course development process begins, there is ONE important question the orgnisation needs to consider carefully to get the best possible outcome.
Who is the target audience?
Is it school children? Office Employees? Factory Floor Staff?

The reason why this is a pertinent question is because it will make a huge impact on how the eLeaning course is planned and delivered.

To give you a few examples below:
• School Children
More engaging and interactive, cute characters, clear message are some of the characteristics which our designers and content development team will focus on.
• Office Employees
Engaging and interactive, to the point information.
• Factory Floor Staff
Greater emphasis on engaging and interactive content. Less usage of words but more activity based such as click n drop, click to reveal.

We understand that for an eLearning program to be truly successful, there are three important elements not be overlooked.
• Learner Focused
• Engaging
• Interactive

We believe that by adding a variety of interactive eLearning experiences, you should be able to improve retention rates in an organisation, increase learner participation and achieve the goals set up for eLearning, but most importantly, make learning a fun activity regardless of the subject matter.


Web Design

A website plays a much greater role than just providing the information about your products and services to the customers.
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Mobile Application

As a renowned mobile application development company, we focus on providing you with high quality mobile apps that meet your specific needs.
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CMS Development

We develop advance business portals that help you share group effort of work place.
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E-Commerce Developmente

We are a renowned ecommerce development company that offers state of the art e-commerce solutions across diverse niches
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Multimedia Development

With the combination of creativity, technology and professionalism we design and create outstanding Ecatalogue or Ebrochure, business presentations
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Software Development

for being a reliable software consultant by accepting and overcoming various challenging scenarios faced by our clients in the most satisfactory manner
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